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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As a therapist, it is a privilege to support my clients as they work hard to bring change into their life and become healthier, more connected versions of themselves. I believe that couples therapy is both for couples who are really struggling in their relationship and for those who simply value their relationship and want to nurture it. None of us are born with the innate skills to navigate relationships perfectly, but there are answers and we can learn the tools and skills to strengthen the relationships that matter most. Therapy is an amazing resource to help accomplish this. I have been married for since 2014 and my husband and I have used couples therapy as a tool throughout our relationship, beginning during our engagement and through the recent birth of our first child. We go to couples therapy not because there is something wrong with our relationship, but because our relationship matters to us, and we know therapy is a tool that helps us stay close and connected. The couples I work with are often feeling stuck, exhausted, disconnected, or misunderstood in their relationship. I believe everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and understood by their partner, especially in their most challenging moments. Our sessions will help you navigate challenging topics and arguments in a way that leads to connection and understanding. I particularly enjoy working with dating, engaged or newly married couples looking to strengthen their relationship from the start. I also enjoy working with interracial relationships as my marriage is interracial and I understand both the beauty and the challenges which that dynamic can bring. Other topics I work with include affair repair, betrayal, and more general feelings of disconnection. Individuals I work with are often seeking support, clarity, and growth as they navigate life transitions or relationship transitions like dating, breakups, divorce, negative body image, infertility, pregnancy or postpartum. I strive to create a space of inclusivity for clients of all races, cultures, gender, sexual orientation, and faith.



Couples therapy
Individual Therapy
Body image issues
Premarital counseling
Conflict resolution
Women’s issues
Dating stress
Divorce / Breakups
Pregnancy and postpartum
Interracial relationships
Multicultural marriages
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ)
Infidelity and affair recovery
Discernment counseling
Grief and loss
Self-esteem issues


Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

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