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Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Life consists of lots of different relationships. These relationships can be amazing and mystifying and sometimes they can become deeply complicated. In moments partners, parents, coworkers, children, and friends can cause us to feel lost and out of balance. That may be why you are seeking therapy. 

You may feel frustrated and powerless about how other people are acting or the ways their behavior is impacting you. Or you may be stuck in your own misery and muck. No matter what the situation, you have more choices and control than you think. Therapy can help you see that.

Therapy can bring a fresh perspective and tools that can help you remember your strengths and worth and create a more secure sense of connection and belonging. Using Emotionally Focused Therapy as my main modality I can: 

  • Help you see and dismantle damaging patterns, cycles, and themes, often based on behaviors and beliefs learned early in life, that aren’t serving you. 

  • Help you find and express your feelings which goes beyond the anxiety, anger, fear, or shame on the surface to the deeper feelings and emotions. 

  • Help you tune into and befriend your body, which can be a gateway to greater awareness, appreciation, and self-regulation. 

As for me, I bring a lifetime of experience with joy, laughter, risk, loss, and grief to this work. I grew up in a family that was complicated, and I adopted coping mechanisms that worked for a while. But ultimately, I needed to dig deeper, to understand myself, and learn to forge healthy and secure attachments with others. I have learned about trauma on so many levels—and its impact on people. And I know what’s possible on the other side, which is why I love the discovery and collaboration of the therapeutic process. 

My therapist colleagues say I’m insightful, empathetic, and deeply attuned to others. A longtime business collaborator called me enthusiastic, unflappable, and direct. All to say I won’t just sit in the room with you, I’ll be actively engaged. I bring my full self to this work. 

On the personal side, I love my busy life in SW Minneapolis, where I can’t walk into a business within 3 miles of my house without bumping into several people I know and love deeply. I tackle most of the reading for book club, dance poorly but gleefully, and spend whatever time I can with my endlessly fascinating adult children. I’ve always been a dog person, but I suddenly find myself getting excited about adopting a pair of rescue cats. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you create the life you want.



Individual Therapy 
Marriage/Relational Therapy 
Family Therapy 
Adult and Teen Therapy 
Infidelity and Recovery 
Midlife and Aging Population 
Trauma Healing 
Living with Chronic Illness  
Sexual Issues and Desire 
LBTQIA+ Individuals and Relationships 
Anxiety and Depression 
Grief and Loss  
Substance Use 
Trust Issues 


I will graduate with my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Wisconsin – Stout (Spring 2025) and have completed the coursework for a certificate in Sex Therapy.
I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, trained as a designer and owned my own design practice for many years. While my career was rewarding, it was always most meaningful when I was applying design towards real human need—helping to humanize and change systems on a larger scale.

After a midlife chapter of questioning and unrest, I decided to take a leap and follow the call to have impact on a deeper, more individual level so I began my Marriage and Family Therapist training.

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