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Not accepting new clients at this time Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist Online Video Sessions Only

There is no greater joy in my work than helping individuals and people in relationships break through barriers created by conflict and disconnection. My purpose is to help them rebuild trust, restore love and respect for self and one another, and heal. I’m acutely aware that you might feel uncomfortable with the idea of seeking therapy and reaching out for support when you’re feeling vulnerable. Life can be a roller coaster ride and seeking professional help through the tough times can prove to be a huge benefit with a life-long impact. I come from a large musical family from New England and a mixed-race background, primarily African-American, Caucasian, and Japanese. I am married, and my husband is also from a mixed-race family, as well, so I know personally the challenges and joys this can bring. I have a unique level of understanding in helping mixed-race couples. Our families and cultures can bring such diverse -- and sometimes conflicting -- beliefs about how to communicate and connect in a marriage. We are also parents to a wonderful and inquisitive young son who is a joy to be around. When I’m not in my practice, I enjoy reading, walking the lakes, playing with my son and cooking with my family. I love to travel and cook (and bring all of our heritage and cultures into the kitchen). As a teenager I was diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that limits my diet and I love exploring restaurants and cooking and baking gluten-free. I am passionate about helping those newly diagnosed navigate the complexities of this challenging disease. I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples and individuals break out of the negative cycles we get stuck in and learn new ways to communicate and connect. My specialized clinical experience is broad, though I my expertise is helping people navigate addictions, with a focus in sexual and porn or cybersex addiction / compulsivity. I’m also adept at helping people who are in transition from one stage of life to another, whether it is newly married and starting a family, separating or divorcing, or trying to manage different life stages. I love helping people find their voice, achieve clarity about themselves, and find calm in the chaos in life. I believe that self-awareness can help people have stronger and more meaningful relationships.

  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT)



Mixed race identity development
Microaggressions in multicultural marriages
Race based trauma
Raising mixed race kids
Couples therapy
Marriage & relationship counseling
Teen counseling
Suicide survivors
Family therapy with chronic illness
Cultural and multicultural issues
Grief and loss
Identity development
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ)


I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and dance from Guilford College in North Carolina. My passion for working with young people lead me to work for the Higher Achievement Program, an education nonprofit in Washington, D.C. I found myself enjoying the work I did with the parents. It was wonderful to witness how enhancing parents’ communication and parenting skills positively affects their children. Realizing I had a calling for working with families I continued my education and received my master’s degree in clinical counseling in marriage and family therapy from the Adler Graduate School.

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