Someone cheated. Now what?  

Relationship counseling with your partner or alone to address:
  • Emotional Affairs

  • Workplace Affairs

  • Physical affairs

  • Porn addiction

  • Online affairs and cybersex

  • Other forms of betrayal and loss 

So that you can:
  • Understand the true impact of the affair or addiction on the relationship

  • Learn how to cope with betrayal and lack of trust

  • Make a sound decision whether to stay in the relationship

  • Deal with the grief associated with betrayal and loss

  • Make positive changes for yourself and the relationship


Extra-marital affairs and cheating are common causes of relationship issues and we are experts in helping couples survive and thrive after a betrayal of trust using the proven method of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). Below are some examples of types of affairs or cheating in a relationship.


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