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 Someone cheated. Now what?  

Did you recently catch your partner cheating? If so, your relationship is probably in crisis, and you are likely left feeling as if one of your worst fears has come true. It is normal to be angry, fearful, hopeless, embarrassed, and bitter in one moment, and then in the next moment to be reaching out to your partner for comfort from your sadness and isolation. Discovery of an affair can be quite disorienting, that is for sure.

Or did you recently betray your partner? Are you wondering why you did what you did? You violated your own values and boundaries, but you don’t even know how it happened. It is normal for you to feel ashamed of yourself for doing it and for hurting your partner. You may be feeling a lot of confusion. It is also normal to ask yourself how you got to this place


You might both be wondering if your relationship is worth saving. There are a lot of media myths and messages from the culture that affair recovery isn’t a possibility or even desirable. This isn’t the time to act on impulse, but to slow down and carefully consider your options. 


The good news is that there is a lot of research evidence that for couples that choose affair recovery, it can make a huge difference. If they get the right kind of help from a therapist that is experienced in working with affairs. There are many different types and reasons for affairs. The work of therapy is to help understand and heal.


All of the therapists at Evolve are trained in healing Attachment Injuries, which are breaches of trust. Should you opt to recover your relationship, our goal is to help you build an even strong relationship as you move forward.

Relationship counseling with your partner or alone to address:
  • Emotional Affairs

  • Workplace Affairs

  • Physical affairs

  • Porn addiction

  • Online affairs and cybersex

  • Other forms of betrayal and loss 

So that you can:
  • Understand the true impact of the affair or addiction on the relationship

  • Learn how to cope with betrayal and lack of trust

  • Make a sound decision whether to stay in the relationship

  • Deal with the grief associated with betrayal and loss

  • Make positive changes for yourself and the relationship


Extra-marital affairs and cheating are common causes of relationship issues and we are experts in helping couples survive and thrive after a betrayal of trust using the proven method of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). Below are some examples of types of affairs or cheating in a relationship.

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