Someone cheated. Now what?  

Relationship counseling with your partner or alone to address:
  • Emotional Affairs

  • Workplace Affairs

  • Physical affairs

  • Porn addiction

  • Online affairs and cybersex

  • Other forms of betrayal and loss 

So that you can:
  • Understand the true impact of the affair or addiction on the relationship

  • Learn how to cope with betrayal and lack of trust

  • Make a sound decision whether to stay in the relationship

  • Deal with the grief associated with betrayal and loss

  • Make positive changes for yourself and the relationship


Extra-marital affairs and cheating are common causes of relationship issues and we are experts in helping couples survive and thrive after a betrayal of trust using the proven method of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). Below are some examples of types of affairs or cheating in a relationship.

Accidental Brief Affairs

An unplanned or brief affair that was a surprise, often caused by intoxication, or curiosity.

Existential-Based Affairs

Depression about being middle-aged usually fuels this type of an affair. People turn to a lover to revitalize themselves to avoid the idea of getting older.

Philanderers or Narcissists

Generally driven by insecurity, low self-esteem, and the need for affirmation and attention through sex.

Intimacy or Conflict-Avoidance Affairs

Used to keep oneself at an emotional distance to avoid intimacy or conflict. Generally, not a long-term type of an affair.

Sex Addiction or Sexual Compulsiveness (includes Porn Addiction)

The addiction to sexual or romantic activity to numb inner pain and avoid feelings. Men are usually the sex addicts.

Online Affairs or Cyber-sex Affairs

Meeting people online. Sometimes there is contact, sometimes all of the activity is through video chat or online communications. Very destructive because of easy access to the Internet.

Retribution Affairs

When one partner wants to get back at another for having an affair, withholding love, affection, money etc.

Bad Marriage Affairs

The result of a marriage with poor communication, intimacy, support, sex, and marital satisfaction.

Exit Affairs

An affair used to end a marriage in a conscious or unconscious way. Ensures a back-up relationship is in place. The involved partner blames the affair and falling in love with another, rather than problems in the marriage.