Evolve offers relationship counseling with your partner or alone to address emotional affairs, workplace affairs, physical affairs, porn addiction, online affairs and cybersex, and other forms of betrayal and loss.




Also known as sexual dependency, hyper-sexuality, compulsive sexual behavior or sexual compulsivity, or out of control sexual behaviors. Acting out sexually can cause major problems in relationships.




Congratulations on your engagement or commitment! A happy relationship is one of the life's most significant aspirations. Premarital or commitment counseling can be extremely effective in setting you up for success as you grow in your relationship.



EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a therapy method that can help resolve painful life memories that still impact you. It can be used in as a treatment in conjunction with EFT therapy to address specific memory impact resolution. Your counselor will decide whether EMDR is right for you.



Telemedicine has grown in popularity in the recent years. Perhaps you heard about video counseling in your favorite podcast or recently had a doctor's visit virtually. Did it get you thinking “How can I find a good therapist online?” Online therapy is the perfect fit for the busy person with a full day. If leaving the office or your family presents a challenge, online therapy may be the best choice for you.