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Minneapolis MN Therapy Services

Couples Counseling in Minneapolis Minnesota

Are you currently looking for pre-marital and commitment counseling? Evolve Therapy can help you with that. We also offer counseling services in other cities such as in Rochester. A happy relationship is one of life's most significant aspirations. Premarital or commitment counseling using the Prepare-Enrich curriculum is a powerful way to help people in relationships start their life together on a positive foundation.


Newly engaged and committed couples often believe that that love will always get them through the rough times. While love is important, it won’t be enough without effective listening and communication skills. Premarital and commitment counseling for relationships will set a solid foundation for your future together.

Plymouth Minnesota Directions to Evolve Therapy

Minneapolis, Minnesota is a city with a variety of points of interest that couples may find interesting. Some options for couples to consider include:

  1. Quaking Bog: For a short loop that will let you stretch your legs without wearing you out, head over to Quaking Bog. The last tamarack bog, a wetland over a substantial deposit of peat, in Minneapolis, you’ll get to experience a fascinating and unusual environment. The trail is usually well-maintained but not well-marked in some areas, so it can be a little bit confusing to find. Don’t forget water-proof footwear, as some areas can be wet – it is a bog, after all.

  2. Hidden Falls Regional Park: Walk along the Mississippi River in Hidden Falls Regional Park. With 6.7 miles of paved and shaded trails to explore, this is one of the most accessible hikes near Minneapolis for the whole family. You might even want to make a day of it! Hidden Falls Regional Park has several amenities, including bathrooms, a boat launch, benches, fire pits, barbecues, and more. After your hike, relax and have lunch at a picnic table in a covered area.

  3. Lake Independence Regional Trail: If you’re looking for where to hike in the Minneapolis area that’s a bit longer, head over to the Lake Independence Regional Trail. Offering both paved and unpaved paths, you can choose how challenging you want your hike to be. Paved paths are also open to bikers and inline skaters, and unpaved trails are open to horses. Leashed dogs are welcome.

Points of Interest in Minneapolis MN

Demographic Information Minneapolis MN

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