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Rochester Couples Counseling Services

Couples Counseling in Rochester Minnesota

Welcome to Evolve Therapy, a couples counseling practice in Plymouth, Minnesota. We provide specialized couples counseling services tailored to those affected by infidelity and the recovery that follows.


Our team of experienced counselors offers compassionate and understanding support through this difficult process so you can start a journey toward healing together. We also offer counseling services in other cities such as in Bloomington.

Evolve offers specialized services to help individuals who are struggling with:


We also offer teletherapy as a convenient option for receiving therapy remotely.

Rochester Minnesota Directions to Evolve Therapy

Minnesota boasts plenty of cities to visit, and Rochester is one of the most beloved! Living in Rochester is amusing. A buffet of fun activities for individuals, couples and families and also the city has an amazing lineup of great restaurants as well. Some points of interest in Rochester include:

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Points of Interest in Rochester MN

Demographic Information Rochester MN

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