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Duluth Couples Counseling Services

Couples Counseling in Duluth Minnesota

Welcome to Evolve Therapy, a couples counseling practice in Plymouth, Minnesota and also offers services in other cities such as in Brooklyn Center. We provide specialized couples counseling services tailored to those affected by infidelity and the recovery that follows.


Our team of experienced counselors offers compassionate and understanding support through this difficult process so you can start a journey toward healing together.

Evolve offers specialized services to help individuals who are struggling with:


We also offer teletherapy as a convenient option for receiving therapy remotely.

Duluth Minnesota Directions to Evolve Therapy

Minnesota is full of popular tourist spots, and one of the best is the great city of Duluth! Some points of interest in Duluth include:

  1. Canal Park: First is to take a stroll at Canal Park. Canal Park is arguably the most visited attraction at Duluth and the reason why it is the first one being referred to.

  2. Spirit Mountain: Get your adrenaline rush also on Spirit Mountain and this is also a prime destination in Duluth since it offers all activities for different ages for both seasons in Minnesota, the winter and summer. In summer you can capture amazing views while riding the zip line, slow and mellow with the scenic chairlift, and also timber twister alpine coaster. In winter, it brings a whole new way to have fun outdoors. You can enjoy the thrill and speed of skiing, tubing, or even snowboarding.

  3. Duluth Rose Garden: You can also stop and smell the roses at the Duluth Rose Garden, having nice weather it is nice to visit here. Featuring over 3,000 rose bushes, is the stunning rose garden that hosts numerous weddings throughout the summer and if you are an early riser, this is a great place to catch a glimpse of the glorious sunrise.

Points of Interest in Duluth MN

Demographic Information Duluth MN

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