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Mental Health Therapist

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding parts of our lives, and the bonds that we have with others can help us feel secure and loved as we navigate the challenges we face in life. Relationships can also be very complex, and these bonds can be strained by those challenges we face. I hope to help you navigate through these obstacles to come to a happier place with yourself and your relationships.

If you are looking to become more connected with your family, hoping to come to a more understanding and intimate place in your relationships, or are finding it difficult to reach the point of trust and commitment you once had with others, I am here to meet with you and help you reach your goals. Through Emotionally Focused Therapy, we can work together to help you find that place in your life with love and connection. At the end of our time together, I hope you find peace and joy in your journey through connection with others as well as yourself.

Going to therapy is a significant step to healing that requires you to be open, vulnerable, and courageous. Understanding this, I will help you navigate these feelings gently through compassion, care, and curiosity for your unique experiences. I hope to take the time to get to know you and the challenges you face so we can work together to overcome those challenges. We can do this at your own pace that we set together, and I will always be sure to check in with you to see how we can best achieve your goals in our time working together.

Some facts about me:

I come from a mixed-ethnicity Latinx family, and the family that fostered my mother and sister are a significant part of my life. The amazing experiences afforded to me by the multiple generations and perspectives within my family have shown me that it is absolutely essential to approach people and their beliefs with curiosity and care. Doing so requires an in-depth look at myself and working to be aware of how others experience me. Knowing this, I look forward to the journey that is examining my privilege in the world, as well as the differences that affect how I view the world through my unique perspective.

In my personal life, I often enjoy spending time with my family in large and small gatherings, cooking a variety of dishes to enjoy on my own and with others, listening to and playing heavy metal music, and enjoying the wonderful worlds created in video games. Overall, I have found that it is important to maintain the balance between enjoying the world with others and finding the time and space to experience life on one’s own. I believe it is important to enjoy your hobbies and find ways to express yourself in the pure moments of self that can be afforded to us.



Autism Spectrum Disorder
Trauma and PTSD
Sex Therapy
Sexual Abuse
Trust Issues
Relationship/marriage/family issues
Attachment Issues
Emotional Abuse
Identity Issues
Men’s Issues


I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the Spring of 2024, I will graduate with my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and complete the coursework for a certificate in Sex Therapy.

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